What does it mean to be in “Good Standing?”

To be in “Good Standing” with your State means that all documents and fees required by law to be submitted to the appropriate State department have been received, and that no other government agency has notified the department/office that your entity is delinquent in tax payments. Each state issues its own version of a “Certificate of Status” or “Good Standing”.

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1. Can my organization apply if we've submitted IRS Form 1023 under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for consideration, and have not received our IRS Tax Determination Letter?
2. What does it mean to be in “Good Standing?”
3. Where can I obtain proof of my “Good Standing” documentation for my jurisdiction?
4. My non-profit is based in the District of Columbia. However, we also provide services in Prince George’s County. Which entity should I contact to obtain proof of my “Good Standing?”
5. I have a copy of a Certificate of Status; however, it is from a year ago. Is this acceptable?
6. Is my proof of Charitable Registration indicating that my organization is in good standing with the Office of the Secretary of State the same as "Good Standing?"
7. What does the State of Maryland Certificate of Status document look like?