How can we have a "Children at Play" sign installed in our neighborhood to help protect our children?
Children should not be encouraged to play in or near the roadway. It is much more appropriate to educate children to respect a moving vehicle and how to be a safe pedestrian. The use of "Children at Play" sign does not provide an added degree of protection as it is originally intended.

This Department's longstanding policy is not to install "Children at Play" signs on County-maintained roadways as they tend to create a false sense of security for both parents and children. Studies have revealed that these signs when posted in residential areas show no evidence of having reduced pedestrian accidents or vehicle speeds. These signs failed to achieve the desired safety benefits.

On the contrary, the use of such signs could be interpreted as an endorsement by the County of the use of streets as play areas, thus creating an even more hazardous condition. Also, Federal and State signing regulations do not allow us to use the "Children at Play" signs since they are not considered as accepted and standard traffic control devices. We are allowed to post signs for schools, playgrounds, parks and other recreational facilities.

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