Why can't we get a striped crosswalk since some people cross the roadway at this point?
Crosswalks are generally installed only at those locations where a significant number of pedestrians cross the street and where there is a potential for conflicts between vehicle and pedestrian movements. We do not and cannot install crosswalks at random locations.

Crosswalks are installed at a point where sight distances to the approaching vehicles can be maximized. As motorists typically do not expect pedestrians to be crossing at non-intersection locations, crosswalks are generally installed at intersections and not at mid-block locations.

It should be noted that crosswalks are intended to indicate to both pedestrians and motorists where pedestrians should cross the roadway, and they are intended to heighten motorists' awareness of a pedestrian crosspoint. Unwarranted and random installation of crosswalks can lead to pedestrians and motorists ignoring them, thus undermining the purpose of installing crosswalks which can lead to a disastrous situation. Also, recent national studies have found that a significant number of people that use a marked crosswalk do so rather blindly. Some pedestrians tend not to pay much attention being on a crosswalk, thinking that the crosswalk should give them the ultimate protection. That is why crosswalks are only installed at locations where they are clearly needed.

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