When do I pay my SBC?
The SBC charge should be paid at the same time as your County Tax Bill. Please call 301-952-7635 for more information.

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1. What is the System Benefit Charge (SBC)?
2. What is the background of the SBC?
3. What costs are covered by the SBC?
4. My property is residential. Why is it being assessed a SBC?
5. When do I pay my SBC?
6. When does the SBC take effect?
7. Why did I receive a new or revised Tax Bill with an SBC during the fiscal year?
8. What can I do if I disagree with my Building Type or Enclosed Area?
9. If I receive a Tax Bill at the beginning of the fiscal year, how long do I have to request reconsideration?
10. If I receive a Tax Bill during the fiscal year with an SBC, how long do I have to request reconsideration?
11. When will my reconsideration request be reviewed?
12. If I have requested reconsideration, am I still required to pay the solid waste charge shown on my County Tax Bill?
13. How much is the interest rate?
14. How long would it take to receive a refund?
15. How can I find out about the status of my reconsideration?
16. My property doesn't generate that much waste. Why am I being charged at the High (or Medium) rate?
17. What if my property cannot be occupied because it has been declared unfit or unsafe to occupy?
18. What if I have questions about other parts of the County Tax Bill?
19. If I pay my SBC will the county collect my garbage?
20. Do I have to pay my SBC if I contract for garbage service that disposes of my waste outside of the county?