What is the Critical Area?

The Critical Area includes all land within 1,000 feet of Maryland’s tidal waters and tidal wetlands. It also includes the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Coastal Bays, their tidal tributaries and the lands underneath these tidal areas. In Prince George’s County this includes areas along the Patuxent, the Potomac and the Anacostia Rivers. See PGATLAS.com for location of Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas.

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1. What is the Critical Area?
2. Is my property in the Critical Area?
3. I live in the Critical Area and I have a dead tree I want to remove. What approvals do I need to remove the tree?
4. What projects qualify for a Critical Area Staff Level Review?
5. Who do I contact to secure a Critical Area Conservation Plan approval?
6. How is the amount of a Critical Area Bond determined?
7. What is the process of recording a Critical Area Conservation and Planting Agreement?