What is a Small Wireless Facility?
A Small Wireless Facility, also known as Small Cell Technology, is the infrastructure and equipment that cellular providers will install to meet the growing demand for cell phone, tablet and other connected devices people will use as part of their everyday lives. 

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1. What is a Small Wireless Facility?
2. Why are Small Wireless Facilities needed?
3. What is Prince George’s County’s role in the Small Wireless Facilities program?
4. What documents govern the installation of Small Wireless Facilities?
5. How will cellular providers seek approval to install a Small Wireless Facility (SWF)?
6. What is a Master License Agreement?
7. Could a Small Wireless Facility be installed on private property?
8. Will property owners receive notification of a Small Wireless Facility installation?
9. How can residents research additional information about Small Wireless Facilities?