How is the law enforced?

An Inspector from Prince George’s County Resource Recovery Division may visit your facility to conduct a compliance investigation.  A lack of signage or lack of any required recycling containers, failure to submit the required recycling plan or annual report, or other violations may result in a non-compliance citation.  Local municipal enforcement officials may also visit businesses or properties within their jurisdiction to ensure compliance.

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1. I currently don’t have a Recycling Program, how do I set one up?
2. Are all Businesses required to have interior recycling?
3. The law states that the Property Owner is responsible for providing exterior Recycling containers for the tenants; what if I have a contract with tenants for them to provide their own containers?
4. What are the designated recyclable materials?
5. How much is all of this going to cost me?
6. Does the County provide containers and collection services?
7. Does the County provide posters or educational material?
8. Why aren’t Businesses that don’t own their land required to complete an Annual Report?
9. I’m a Condominium Owner Association and our Condominium Community does not have recycling. How do we set that up?
10. How is the law enforced?
11. What are the penalties?
12. Do I have to separate all my recyclables?
13. I still have no idea what any of this means for me. Please Help!