What is the Rain Check Rebate Program?

The Rain Check Rebate Program allows property owners to receive rebates for installing stormwater management practices to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff. Eligible applicants can recoup some of the costs for installing approved practices covered by the program. This rebate program was established in 2012 through County Bill (CB-40-2012), and revised in 2014 (CB-86-2014) to clarify the procedures for establishing and implementing the program and subsequent rebates to property owners. The program is administered by the Department of the Environment (DoE). Learn more about the Rain Check Rebate Program.

Rain Check Rebate Program

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1. What is the Rain Check Rebate Program?
2. Who is eligible for a rebate under this program?
3. What stormwater management practices are eligible for rebates?
4. Am I still subject to the Clean Water Act Fee if I have stormwater management practices on my property?