Must the applicant agency be located in Prince George's County?
Yes, although there have been a few exceptions in the past. In all cases, the agency must provide service to low and moderate-income Prince George's County residents.

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1. Must the applicant organization be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?
2. Must the applicant agency be located in Prince George's County?
3. Does the designation of specific revitalization focus areas exclude applications from other areas in the County?
4. The Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development covers the years 2000 through 2005. Does this mean that proposals should be for that five-year period?
5. If a CDBG-funded Operating Agency has not spent its existing grant, can it still apply for new funds for next year?
6. Can CDBG funding be used to provide group homes (or assisted living facilities/congregate housing) for senior citizens?
7. Are start-up funds available through CDBG?
8. What are the steps of the proposal application approval process?
9. The proposal form refers to but does not provide the State's definition of "slums or blight." Could you give us that?
10. If your project has two components, should you use two application forms?
11. Can you explain the reimbursement process?
12. Are grant awards all or nothing? Is there any negotiation?
13. Will proposals for large projects, say $750,000, be considered?
14. What is my agency's chance of being funded?