Are there any changes to the Community Partnership Grant Program (CPG) this year?

Yes. Please note the following changes below:

  • Organizations are required to email an electronic copy of the application package to with the subject line: FY 2020 Community Partnership Grant Application – Name of Organization.
  • Organizations must mail or hand-deliver one original and three copies of the CPG application and supporting documentation to the Office of Community Relations. Attention: Grants Manager, Office of Community Relations, 9200 Basil Court, Suite 102, Largo, MD, 20774. Applications should NOT be mailed or hand-delivered to the Office of Management and Budget. 
  • Organizations are now required to submit their most recently filed Financial Audit Report or IRS Form 990. If your organization has both, please submit the Financial Audit Report. Audited financial reports must be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and be audited by a certified public accountant.  Unaudited financial statements, balance sheets, reviews or draft versions are not acceptable.
  • All Certificates of Good Standing must be dated within six months of the application submission date.

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1. Are there any changes to the Community Partnership Grant Program (CPG) this year?
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13. Do I need to complete the organizational budget and the program/project budget if I am requesting general support?
14. What is the maximum amount of funding available for grants?
15. My organization will be partnering with and/or operating in a Prince George’s County Public School. Is a letter from the school’s principal sufficient evidence of this partnership?
16. How do I apply for the various grant programs the County Executive offers?
17. Is the Community Partnership Grant Program application released at the same time each year?
18. How do I know if I am a registered Prince George’s County vendor? Where/How can I verify this information?