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1. How do I apply?
2. Is there an application deadline?
3. My organization has multiple program initiatives. Is there a limit on the number of grant applications we can submit for consideration?
4. Can I still apply if my organization received the NORI grant?
5. Who do I contact if I have application or documentation questions?
6. Can a non-profit submit a letter instead of an application?
7. Do I need to complete the organizational budget and the program/project budget if I am requesting general support?
8. What is the maximum amount of funding available for grants?
9. Do services need to be provided in Prince Georges County?
10. Do I have to provide an address for where services are provided within Prince George’s County?
11. What must I submit?
12. How do I know if I am approved and when will funds be distributed?
13. How long do I have to spend award?