Once-A-Week Collection

Trash and recycling pickup will be picked up on the same day, resulting in one trip to the curb each week.

Beginning the week of May 2nd, the County joined the surrounding jurisdictions and several municipalities in making the switch to once-a-week trash collection. Residents have been informed by the County and their respective hauler on the day their scheduled collection will occur. 

Use our online address tool to determine your new pickup day and contact CountyClick 3-1-1 for more information.


The Trash & Recycling Overhaul modernizes and streamlines our residential collection services. All residents pay into a Solid Waste Fund that pays for trash and recycling collections and other county beautification programs. The fund is running a significant deficit, and the overhaul address the imbalance by eliminating the second weekly trash pickup day, which is not used by most residents.

This overhaul creates savings without increasing fees on residents and without cutting critical services like code enforcement, litter pickup, illegal dumping cleanups and blight removal.

The overhaul also provides residents a free, wheeled trash cart and ensures better service from haulers.

Public Convenience Center

Residents who wish to dispose of trash and/or recycling, may use one of the following county-owned and operated drop-off facilities.

New Rolling Toter/Cart Information

Residents will receive a free 64-gallon wheeled trash toter/cart that is easy to tilt and roll. Delivery of the carts are scheduled to begin in May 2016.

The tight-fitting lid is designed to keep your trash secure and animals out. Watch the online video for more information about rolling toters/carts.