Site/Road Cost Estimates, Fees and Bonds


Most DPIE site/road submittals require a filing fee at the time of submission and payment of the remainder of the permit fee prior to permit issuance. Most fees are based on a construction cost estimate. All fees are listed on the DPIE website.

Cost Estimates

Most submissions include a construction cost estimate that includes the cost for all roadway work inside the public road right of way (r/w). The cost estimates also include roadway and paving work outside the public r/w for townhouse projects. The cost estimates include all public and private storm drain and stormwater management outside the public r/w. The cost estimates must be based on County approved unit prices, listed in the DPW&T's "Specifications and Standards for Roadways and Bridges" Appendix.


Bond and Fee Worksheet

The bond and fee worksheet is a useful tool for the engineer to determine bonds and fees for site road permits.


Most site/road permits require bonding for work proposed in the public road r/w and public work outside the r/w. These bonds must be posted prior to permit issuance and are held through the duration of the construction period until permit closure. In limited instances, the bonds may be reduced during the construction phase. For more information on bond reduction, refer to the County Code Subtitle 23.