Get Involved

The Sustainability Division (SD) is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of environmental programs that protect our communities and enhance the quality of life in Prince George’s County. SD is dedicated to the management, restoration and protection of the water, air and natural resources.

Through community service and outreach efforts, SD promotes a healthy environment, community involvement and environmental awareness. However, we can't achieve a healthy and sustainable county without your help. Individuals and groups can participate in a variety of events and programs.
  1. Clean Up Green Up

  2. Clean Water Clear Choices

    The Clean Water Clear Choices Program provides simple actions everyone can take to restore and protect streams and rivers in the county.

  3. Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program

    The Comprehensive Cleanup Program is designed to revitalize, enhance and maintain unincorporated areas of the county. During the spring and fall seasons, county staff work with civic and homeowner associations to provide cleanup and maintenance services to communities over a 2-week period.

  4. PGCLitterTRAK

    Information about PGCLitterTRAK app

  5. Plant Trees

    With your help, DoE planted close to 850 native trees last year. Find out how DoE makes it easy and affordable for you to plant trees at home, at work, and in your community.

  6. Slam Dunk the Junk

    The goal of the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment (DoE) is to reduce litter throughout the county. DoE is developing an Anti-littering Outreach and Stewardship Campaign that focuses on removing existing litter and preventing future incidents of littering through behavior change.

  7. Storm Drain Stenciling

    Please get involved! A storm drain stenciling project is a great way to spread the word throughout your community to take action to prevent water pollution and maintain a clean environment.