Signs, Signals, & Markings

Traffic control devices come in various colors, shapes and sizes and they reflect various messages and information. All traffic signs, signals and markings play an important role in assisting motorists and pedestrians complete their daily travels safely and conveniently.

Traffic Responsibilities
The Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) Division of Traffic is responsible for the installation, maintenance and replacement of all traffic control devices on County roadways. These traffic control devices include signs, signals and pavement markings. Their presence and good operating condition are vital to assure traffic safety.

Traffic control devices range from the red-yellow-green traffic signals used at intersections of heavily traveled roads, to the familiar octagonal red and white "stop" signs, yellow warning signs, and so on. Speed limit designation signs are another important traffic control device. They serve a regulatory function by displaying legally permissible speeds on each given segment of roadway.

Other, perhaps less familiar types of traffic control signs serve informational purposes or serve to caution motorists to be aware of certain situations. Some examples include street name signs, "school crossing" signs, signs that indicate a curve in the road ahead, and signs advising that a roadway is slippery when wet.