Taxi Licensing

Taxicab Service
Taxicab Service in Prince George's County, Maryland is available throughout Prince George's County and is provided by several licensed operators. All licensed cabs operate on a meter system in a safe, comfortable, efficient and affordable taxicab experience in well-equipped vehicles operated by qualified individuals who have knowledge of the county's streets and strive to provide excellent customer service.

Our goal is to protect the safety and welfare of our citizens by ensuring that businesses and individuals comply with county taxicab licensing laws by enforcing the codes and regulations in a fair and professional manner.

The Taxicab Licensing Section provides the following services:
  • Inspection of the taxicab and fare meter to ensure the high safety and customer services standards set forth in the County Code and that the citizens of the County deserves.
  • Efficient enforcement of the taxicab Code by County investigator.
  • Renewal of Prince George's Taxi certificates and change of vehicle processing.
  • Streamlined process for issuing new and renewal of taxi driver license.
  • Investigation of complaints of poor quality service.