Environmental Health

The Environmental Health/Disease Control Division promotes and protects the safety of County residents through environmental regulation, inspections, public education, emergency preparedness, and disease control. Healthy environments help our community thrive!
Grass House
  1. Food Safety, Permits & Inspections

    Access information about food facility complaints, food service manager certification, food service requirements, regulations for farmers markets, requirements for selling homemade goods, and requirements for temporary food service facility permits.

  2. Policy, Permits & Complaints

    The Environmental Engineering/Policy Program performs enforcement inspections, evaluations and consultations on issues that contribute to the public health and preserve the quality of the air, land and waters of the county.

  3. Preparedness

    We work to teach you how to protect your health in case of natural disasters or public health emergencies.

  4. Rodents & Emergency Water Supply

    Read some of our Fact Sheets about Rodents and information about managing an emergency water supply.

  5. Wells & Sewage Disposal Systems

    Read through a list of services the County provides the well and sewage disposal systems.