Food Safety, Permits & Inspections

Licensing & Permits

 For licensing and permits, go to Applications for Food Service Facility Permits and Food Service Manager Certificates - Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE).

License & Permit Fees

 ​For a list of license and permit fees, go to DPIE's licensing fees (PDF) or Permitting Bonds & Fees (PDF).

  1. Food Facility Complaints

    Prince George's County uses the CountyClick 311 service for residents to submit their health complaints.

  2. Food Service Manager Certification

    Any opera​​​​​​​​​​tor of a restaurant or Class III mobile unit must have a Prince George’s County Certified Food Service Manager on duty at all times.

  3. Food Service Requirements

    View a list of services the Food Protection Program provide residents.

  4. Regulations for Farmers Markets

    Prince George’s County houses an assortment of farmer’s markets that are dispersed throughout the County.

  5. Selling Homemade Goods

    Read through frequently asked questions for selling homemade goods or cottage food industry.

  6. Temporary Food Service Facility Permits

    If you are planning to sell food at a public event in Prince George’s County, you may need a Temporary Food Service Facility Permit.