Are You Ready?

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

Answer these questions to be prepared for an emergency:
  • Do you have three to five days of important things at home, for each family member?​
    • ​Acce​ss FEMA's Emergency Supply List (PDF)
  • ​Does your family have an emergency plan to reach each other?​
  • ​If a disaster happens, will you be able to contact all of your family members?
  • Do your children know what to do in an emergency?
  • ​​​​Does your family have a place to meet if they cannot get home?
  • ​​Do you have a plan for your pets?
  1. Pack

    Review an emergency checklist of all the things you will need to have packed.

  2. Plan

    Talk to your family about the types of emergencies that are most likely to happen and explain what to do in each case.

  3. Practice

    Make sure that you practice the plans that you have in place for each emergency situation.