Employer Services

RideSmart Solutions works with employers to develop alternative transportation programs that help employees improve their commutes. Implementing alternative transportation programs has many benefits. Employers will recognize improvement in morale and productivity, reduction in employees’ use of sick days and absenteeism, reduction in parking cost and spaces, and an enhancement in staff recruitment and retention. Commute programs will also improve air quality and traffic congestion in and around Prince George’s County.

Alternative Commute Options and Benefits

Carpool and Vanpool
Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program
Alternative Work Schedule
Maryland Commute Tax Credit

Contact Prince George's County RideSmart representatives to learn more about alternative transportation options, request a meeting or presentation, request a representative to attend your next transportation fair or to get started with creating a commute program customized specifically for your business at (301) 577-0887 or info@ridesmartssolutions.com.