Inmates may use the U.S. Postal Service to send and receive correspondence. The address is:
(Inmate’s Name)
Prince George’s County Correctional Center
13400 Dille Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

All inmate mail must be properly addressed with both the sender and receivers first and last names. Any usage of street names, nicknames, or names other than the inmate's legal or committed name, will be rejected and not processed.
All personal incoming inmate mail, to include greeting cards, must be in a white envelope ONLY. In addition, all correspondence must be drafted on either plain white or standard white lined paper. Any usage of colored stationary paper or stationary paper with images on it will be rejected. 

Inmate to inmate mail from other correctional facilities will no longer be accepted unless a written request has been approved by the Director or her designee. This also applies to inmate to inmate mail within our correctional facility. Any photographs must be 4x6 or smaller and only five photos will be allowed per envelope. You may only send correspondence. Packages, books and magazines will not be accepted.