Data Center
The Data Center division works to ensure that hardware and software systems, and data, are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even in a disastrous situation.

To provide excellent customer satisfaction from the smooth running of production jobs, printing and delivery of production reports, and keying of information for various applications.

Cellular and Wireless Services
The Wireless Services division is responsible for providing all County agencies cellular and wireless devices.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
The GIS division is responsible for compiling accurate, real time Geographical Information that is stored and displayed for all Prince George’s County Agencies and the public. This is made available using the latest technology and supplied through a widely accessible, fast, and easy-to-use medium.

Cable Administration
The Cable Television Commission enforces the County's franchise agreements with Comcast Cable Communications and Verizon Maryland, Inc. Prince George's County cannot set rates nor require the carriage of certain cable channels on the cable system.

National Capital Region (NCR) Interoperable Communications Infrastructure (NCR ICI) - NCRnet
In 2005, the NCR (National Capital Region) Interoperability Program (NCRIP), a regional initiative, was established by the local governments of the NCR to create digital networks and systems interoperability for public safety and emergency response. As part of this effort, a project called NCRnet was established to assist the local governments with interconnecting their institutional networks (I-Nets). In doing so, the project provides a survivable infrastructure, complementing communications over the internet and leased lines, linking Maryland, Virginia and DC local NCR jurisdictions together for the benefit of first responders and other local government officials both in regional emergencies and in routine operations.

Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure’s mission is to provide reliable enterprise wide network communications that efficiently delivers IT services to internal and external stakeholders of Prince Georges County, Maryland. The Network Infrastructure Team designs, implements and manages solutions with a focus on performance, scalability, availability and security. Functional Areas include: Network Infrastructure, Video Streaming, Video Conferencing, and Video Surveillance.

The training department provides classroom and online/e-learning training solutions on a wide range of computer technology topics. Courses are designed to maximize the training experience while minimizing the time spent in the classroom.

The Telecommunications division provides innovative, efficient, and reliable fax, voice and web based communication throughout Prince George’s County government agencies and departments.

IT Security
The IT Security division develops and implements security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to keep data secure, protected, and monitored at all times within our IT resources.

Technical Enterprise Services (TES)
The Technical Enterprise Services Division is comprised of Asset Management, Software Licensing and the Customer Support Center (OIT Service Desk). The Asset Management division is responsible for handling the complete lifecycle of all IT-related assets, from acquisition to retirement and the Software Licensing division handles the complete lifecycle of software assets, from procurement to disposal. The Customer Support Center serves as a central point of contact for all IT-related issues. The support center is a 24/7 operation that provides technical assistance for all County approved IT hardware and software and facilitates resolution of all county service requests/calls.

Fiscal and Contracts Management
The Fiscal and Contracts Management division provides accurate and timely financial management and planning services to the Director and the entire office to ensure the fiscal accountability and cost-effective use of County IT resources and assets.

Intergovernmental Network (INET)
The Prince George's County Intergovernmental Network (referred to as I-Net) is a secure, reliable and scalable fiber optic network connecting anchor institutions as partners in building successful communities and local economies. I-Net provides a common framework for government, education and public safety to leverage shared resources for information and data sharing and regional interoperability. The goal is to expand participation through collaboration ensuring long term sustainability.

Website, Intranet, Extranet Support division supports and maintains the official public site for the county. The public site is the public portal that provides a wide array of information about county activities, functions and services, and serves as an additional vehicle for citizens and others to communicate and interact with the county from anywhere and anytime of day of the week. This division coordinates with the departments and agencies to ensure content is readily available on the site and provides guidance on writing content on the website.

Additionally, the division manages the intranet and extranet using SharePoint Technology to allow employees to share, store, and collaborate on documents and team sites, as well, as collaborate with external partners is a secure electronic environment.

Taking advantage of both proven legacy technologies and leading edge web development techniques. applications provides custom solutions to business problems as well as support of all the county applications. In addition to maintaining critical applications systems for the county, the applications group works with the various agencies and branches to identify requirements for specific needs and provide targets solutions.

Through an emphasis on e-government, more applications than ever are designed to promote and simplify the communication between the citizens of the county and their government. The goal is always to make business processes more efficient and reliable and, where possible, to take advantage of business synergies.