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COVID-19 Emergency Medical Material Request (EMMR) Form


  1. 1. SECTION 1: Facility Information
  2. 2. SECTION 2: Personal Protective Equipment Request
  • SECTION 1: Facility Information

    1. Emergency Medical Materials Request Form

      Thank you for your ongoing support for the community. Please complete the following form to request Personal Protective Equipment for your Facility.

      While the response to COVID-19 continues, the commercial medical PPE supply chain has begun to recover. New PPE manufacturers have come online, existing suppliers are ramping up production and gradually some types of PPE have become more widely available via the normal supply chains. Out of response to the updates provided by the State, moving forward, facilities will be expected to rely on available suppliers for the PPE and equipment required to safely operate. Please continue to follow CDC guidance to ensure we as a County are able to continue to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Health Department will put a hold on addressing any PPE requests received after June 30, 2020. This will allow us time to reorganize our remaining supply and adjust our distribution plan based on any PPE allocation from the State. If you have any questions please email us at and/or A member of our distribution team will get back to you with any questions or to arrange pick-up.

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