Commitment to Business

Prince George's County is committed to creating and maintaining a world-class environment for Local Small Minority Businesses, and providing qualified and certified businesses equal access to Prince George's County procurement opportunities.

Prince George's County Code, Section 10A-136, requires the County Purchasing Agent to structure the procurement procedure and activities of the County to facilitate and encourage the award of at least thirty percent (30%) of the total dollar value of all County contracts awarded, directly or indirectly, to minority business enterprises. The County government actively encourages Local Small Minority Business Enterprises (LSMBEs) that provide quality products and services at competitive pricing to participate in our contracting and subcontracting activities. We believe in the value of a well-rounded business base.

We applaud the key role that LSMBEs play in the advancement of the national and local economy. LSMBEs are an essential element in the County's strategy for providing our customers and community with the most innovative customer focus service possible. The benefits that LSMBEs provide the citizens of the County with best in class products and services.