Types of Election Judges

  1. Chief Judge
  2. Election Judge
  3. Provisional Judge
  4. Alternate Election Judge
  5. Closing Judge

Chief Judge

In each precinct, a Democratic and Republican Chief Judge is appointed. These individuals on Election Day are employees of the Election Board who share equally the responsibility of operating the polling place.


Chief Judges must be sure to:
  • Pick up the supplies needed to conduct election day business
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Hold a meeting of all Judges the Monday night before an election
  • Check that machines are delivered and the telephone is operating in the polling room
  • Open the polling place on time
  • Guarantee that all procedures are followed in the polling place on election day
  • Supervise the precinct tally of votes cast after the close of the poll
  • Ensure that all forms are properly completed
  • Return the supplies and canvass report to the Election Office


Should a question arise as to the way voting progressed in a precinct, both Chief Election Judges are held accountable.