Residential Parking Permit

Thanks to Prince George's County, MD, getting a parking permit has never been easier.
​The residential parking permit program empowers residents to set parking restriction days and times so that they control non-resident parking on the street(s) in their community. The parking program is a petition-driven initiative that requires the support of 60% of the residents in the proposed parking zone. A Parking Permit area can be any residential area that is located on a public roadway in Prince George’s county. The program is free. The program is for residential use and not available for implementation on private property or in commercial and industrial areas.

After a petition is certified and the proposed area inspected; the petition must meet program guidelines. The next step is the public hearing and signs are installed. Each resident registers their personal vehicles and can have their visitors and guests registered as well. The parking permits are renewed every two years. Information and assistance are available by calling the Help Desk service line at 1-866-794-8663.

Online registration is quick and easy. Instant verification means you’re done in no time. Kiss decals and hang tags goodbye. Your license plate is your permit. Add visitor permits when you need them. You’ll always be prepared when unexpected guests drop by.

Tell us where you would like to park and we’ll get started!

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