The Office of Strategic Partnerships and Community Solutions (OSPCS)

The Office of Strategic Partnerships and Community Solutions (OSPCS) was created in August 2020 to strengthen the connection between Prince George's County Department of Social Services, local government agencies and community-based organizations. The goal of OSPCS is to build community capacity, identify gaps in service, develop community-based solutions and coordinate a collaborative network of providers. We will hold our partners and ourselves accountable.

OSPCS is committed to supporting internal and external stakeholders' efforts to sustain services and connections to children and families of Prince George's County through training and workshops, strategic place-based programming and increasing the number of volunteer/engagement opportunities for employees and residents.

We do this by providing intervention services that strengthen families, protect children and vulnerable adults, encourage self-sufficiency and promote personal responsibility.

  1. Goal
  2. Objectives / Framework
  3. Strategies

To enhance the collaborative and innovative capacity of organizations, governmental agencies, and families to meet the needs of vulnerable populations within Prince George’s County