How do I become a Mentor?

A business must submit an application that meet the following requirements:

  • Meet the County’s Responsibility criteria as defined in Section XII of the County’s Procurement Regulations
  • Be in good standing with local and state agencies
  • Be in business for five or more years 
  • Successfully completed a minimum of ten (10) projects/contracts within the same in the North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) 
  • Designate a senior-level officer as a company representative committed to a 24-month agreement with a Protégé 
  • Have the resources to commit to the developmental needs of the Protégé
  • Understand that equal access for emerging businesses makes good sense and that partnerships with emerging businesses will enable growth for larger organizations.
  • Possess the ability to provide valuable support to a Protégé through lessons learned, practical experience gained from competitively procured contracts and general knowledge of government contracting

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1. What is the Mentor-Protégé Program?
2. What are the benefits of being in the Mentor Protégé Program?
3. How do I become a Mentor?
4. How do I become a Protégé?
5. What is the commitment to participate as either a Mentor or Protégé?
6. How long is the application review process?
7. How are Protégés matched with Mentors?
8. Do I need to enter into an agreement with the Mentor/Protégé'?
9. If I am not a Certified County-based Small or Certified County-based Minority Business Enterprise by the Office of Central Services Supplier Development and Diversity, may I participate?
10. Is there training available to be a Mentor or Protégé?
11. Is the Mentor-Protégé Program considered a joint venture?
12. Can the Mentor-Protégé agreement be terminated before the expiration of the agreement?
13. Which County procurements will have Mentor Protégé participation requirements?