Who can file a complaint?

    An alleged victim of police misconduct;

    Any individual having personal knowledge of alleged police misconduct;

    Any person filing the complaint on behalf of either person described above; or 

    A person who is in possession of or has access to a video or audio recording that captures the alleged police misconduct.

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1. Who can file a complaint?
2. Can a complaint be filed anonymously?
3. Can I come in person to file a complaint?
4. What information must be included in the complaint?
5. Where do I file my complaint?
6. What happens to a complaint that is submitted to the PAB?
7. How do I withdraw a complaint?
8. Do you have to know the officer's badge or car number?
9. Can I file a complaint about an officer involved incident that I witnessed?
10. Do I need to know the exact address of where the incident took place?
11. Is there a limit to how many supporting documents I can send?
12. Do I attach original documents to support my complaint, or can it be a copy?