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1. My neighbor’s grass is very tall. Is this a violation and who should I call to report this?
2. How many unlicensed vehicles can I keep on my property?
3. Can I operate an auto repair business from my house or garage?
4. A house in my neighborhood is in disrepair and may be abandoned. What should I do?
5. I am cleaning out my basement. Can I pile the unwanted debris in the rear yard until I am finished?
6. There is a vacant lot with a large amount of debris. Who would handle getting the debris removed?
7. My neighbor has a pool with stagnant water. Is this a violation?
8. I am moving and would like to rent my house out. Do I need a permit to do so?
9. I live in an apartment, and I have problems inside the unit. Who do I report this to?
10. How do I file a complaint?
11. I submitted an application for a Single Family Rental License and received a temporary license. What's the next step to get a permanent license?