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1. Who do I call to register a complaint regarding a vacant lot that needs to be cleaned?
2. My neighbor’s grass is knee high. Who should I call to report this problem?
3. Who do I contact about repairs that need to be made in my apartment?
4. Is a building permit required for ground mounted signs?
5. Can I operate an auto repair business out of my house?
6. How many unlicensed vehicles can I keep on my property?
7. How do I obtain a Rental License to rent my single-family house?
8. Where can I apply for a construction permit?
9. How do I obtain the necessary information to prepare my permit application?
10. I just bought a lot and want to build my own house. Can I do this?
11. What is the easiest way for me to schedule an inspection of my work?
12. Water enters my basement every time it rains. What actions can I take to correct the problem?
13. Our organization is planning a public meeting to include a discussion on the services provided by the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement. Can you help?
14. How do I apply for a permit online?
15. What is needed to apply for each type of permit?
16. What fees are associated with my permit?
17. How long can I expect the process to take?
18. Who needs a Site/Road permit and why?
19. What types of Site/Road permits does DPIE issue?
20. What can I do when I see a problem in the roadway in a residential subdivision or commercial development that is under construction (i.e., safety issues, drainage problems, potholes, etc.)?