Local Development Council

Thank you for visiting the Local Development Council (LDC) web page comprised of public meeting dates, agendas, minutes and other pertinent or related information. In accordance with State Law, the LDC is committed to representing the interests of the local community impacted by the opening of the MGM National Harbor gaming facility located in Prince George’s County. To stay up to date and review the LDC’s progress on behalf of the community-at-large, frequent review of this web page is encouraged.

As a result of a 2012 referendum approved by Prince George’s County voters that authorized a sixth gaming license in the State of Maryland, MGM Resorts International opened at National Harbor on December 8, 2016.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings and minutes are available following approval. 


  • 7:00 PM
  • 3rd Wednesday of each Month
  • Virtual Meetings via Zoom
  • See Monthly Agenda for Participation Details
FY2023 LDC Grant Application English

Local Development Council

State law creates a mechanism for ensuring public input in several elements of the new gaming facility. According to law, a Local Development Council (LDC) must be established in each jurisdiction where a gaming licensee is in operation (the sections of state law relevant to the LDC can be found in the Relevant Law section below). This body, composed of 15 individuals representing different stakeholder groups, consults with the county on the following:

  • The development of a multiyear plan for the expenditure of local impact grant funds (see Local Impact Grants below)
  • The review of a master plan-provided by the gaming licensee-for the development of the gaming site
  • The development of a comprehensive transportation plan for the gaming facility

In addition to 3 representatives from the General Assembly and 1 from MGM, the LDC must be composed of 7 residents of the communities and 4 representatives of the businesses/institutions located in immediate proximity to the facility.

For more information contact pgcldc@co.pg.md.us.

Council Members

(b) - denotes business community representative

(i) - denotes institution representative

  • Ebonique Bethea, Fort Washington
  • Evalina Huggins, Temple Hills (i)
  • Christina Jackson, Fort Washington (b)
  • Rashida Jackson-McIlwain, Fort Washington
  • Sharisse Lane, Fort Washington (b)
  • Dr. Toye Latimore, Fort Washington
  • Ernest Lewis, representing MGM
  • Carrie Mack, Clinton
  • Lori Paylor, Fort Washington
  • James Robinson, Fort Washington (i)
  • Evelyn Wilson, Fort Washington
  • Vacant

Elected Officials

  • Senator C. Anthony Muse 
  • Delegate Veronica Turner 
  • Delegate Jamila Woods


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