County Executive


1301 McCormick Drive
Suite 4000
Largo, MD 20774


Link: County Executive Page

Name Title Email Phone
Alsobrooks, Angela D. County Executive 301-952-4131

Chief Administrative Officer 

Name Title Email Phone
Jackson, Tara H. Chief Administrative Officer 301-952-4547
Askew, George L. Deputy CAO - Health, Human Services & Education 301-952-4450
Holt, Floyd E. Deputy CAO - Infrastructure/Environment/Technology 301-952-4450
McCarthy, Jared M. Deputy CAO - Government Operations 301-952-4227
Rodgers, Angie Deputy CAO - Economic Development 301-952-3625
Stanton, Barry Deputy CAO-Public Safety & Homeland Security 301-952-4227
Robinson, Denise N. Assistant DCAO - Economic Development 301-952-5381
Sousa, Jose C. Assistant DCAO - Economic Development 301-952-5548

Chief of Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Russell, Joy A. Chief of Staff 301-952-4431
Erzen, II, John Deputy Chief of Staff / Custodian of Records 301-952-5980
Brewer, Miriam L. Appointments Liaison 301-952-4136
Léon Brown, Diana Director of Strategic Partnerships 301-952-5419


Name Title Email Phone
Ford, Gina Director of Communications / Custodian of Records 301-952-4670
McAuliffe, Anthony M. Public Information Officer / Custodian of Records 301-952-3755
Brown, Taylor Public Information Officer 301-780-2955

Government Accountability / CountyStat 

Name Title Email Phone
Byron, Mollie Director of Government Accountability / CountyStat 301-952-3835
Gray, Madison Analyst 301-780-2260
Starkes, Brandon Program Manager 301-952-5548

Intergovernmental Affairs 

Name Title Email Phone
Harris, Rhea L. Director of Intergovernmental Affairs 301-952-5827
Bell, Terry L. County Council Liaison 301-780-2953

Policy, Planning & Public Affairs 

Name Title Email Phone
Sloan, David Director of Policy, Planning & Public Affairs 301-952-4984
Desrouleaux, Sasha Deputy Director, Policy, Planning & Public Affairs 301-780-2917

Stakeholder Engagement and Affairs 

Name Title Email Phone
Welborne, Sonja Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Affairs 301-952-4755
Benbow, Daphne Community Outreach Liaison 301-952-4811
Dasi, Sylvia African Diaspora Liaison 301-952-4724
Flores, Alison Latino Affairs Liaison 301-952-3620
McNeill, Jr., Charles W. Faith Community Liaison 301-952-3042
Ross, Denise Municipal Affairs Liaison 301-952-3781