On-line Non-Emergency Dispatch Reporting

Public Safety Communications is pleased to offer Prince George’s County residents with an option to submit an on-line dispatch request for non-emergency situations. ​A non-emergency dispatch request will result in the response of Prince George’s County Police, Fire/EMS, or Sheriff personnel to the scene of an actively or recently occurring public safety incident that does not immediately threaten life, safety, or property.

Call 9-1-1 to report crimes in progress, violence, accidents with injuries, fires, medical emergencies, and other emergency situations.

Select an Incident Type to Request a Police, Fire/EMS, or Sheriff Response

An act causing a disturbance or sounds causing a disruption - such as loud parties, fireworks, equipment noises, loud music, or other sounds causing a disruption.
A water problem inside a structure such as a flooded basement or a significant amount of water coming into a structure
Stuck Elevator A stuck elevator with passengers inside. If a passenger is having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.
Suspicious Person A suspicious person, vehicle, or situation. This is not a tip line: Call 1-866-411-8477 to submit crimes tips or drug activity tips.
Theft (or Attempt) A theft or attempted theft of any property including vehicles - such as credit cards, delivered parcels, cell phones, computers, money, items from a shed/garage, items from a inside a vehicle, evidence of an failed vehicle theft such as damage to the ignition, ripped housing, a screwdriver or other such object has been jammed into the key slot.
Vandalism A vandalism or destruction of a vehicle or property - such as broken windows, keyed vehicle, slashed tires, damaged paint surfaces, broken fence, knocking over a mail box, etc.

Other Reporting Options​​​:


To report other non-urgent situations requiring the dispatch of Police, Fire/EMS or Sheriff personnel, call the non-emergency dispatch phone number, 301-352-1200. Click Here to learn more about the Non-Emergency Dispatch Number.

To report non-compliance with Prince George’s County’s COVID-19 mandates, dial 3-1-1.

To reach Prince George’s County Police or to obtain information from the Police Department, dial 301-516-9777.

To provide information that you wish to bring to the Prince George’s County Police Department’s attention but do not need to request the dispatch of police officers, call 1-866-411-8477 or Submit Tips on-line at https://www.tipsubmit.com/WebTips.aspx?AgencyID=266

To obtain general Prince George’s County Information, dial 3-1-1

.Click Here to obtain Vehicle Impound Information through the Vehicle Tow Program