Office of Engineering and Project Management

This office implements the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the Department.


·         CIP projects include:

o    Replacement of bridges

o    Roadway reconstruction

o    Green/Complete streets

o    Pedestrian safety improvements

o    Intersection improvements

o    Major pavement and concrete rehabilitation work

o    Repair of drainage systems including channels, ponds, and flood control systems


·         This office also: 

o    Manages the County’s street lighting and Neighborhood Traffic Management programs

o    Conducts traffic engineering studies

o     Reviews signing and pavement markings    

o    Oversees the Pavement Restoration Program

Click below to view the Capital Roadway and Bridge Projects webpage:
Capital Roadway and Bridge Projects

Piscataway Dr. Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization

Piscataway Dr. Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilized

Piscataway Dr. Roadway Stabilization Project

Road Reconstruction

Swann Rd. Pre-construction

Intersection Pre-Improvement

Swann Rd. Reconstruction

Intersection Improvement

Swann Rd. Green Complete Streets Project

Green Complete Streets

Sunnyside Ave. Bridge Replacement Project

Sunnyside Ave. Bridge, Profile Rendering

Sunnyside Ave. Bridge Pier Placement

Bridge Piers

Sunnyside Ave. Bridge Deck Construction

Bridge Deck