Employer Services

Meetings with the RideSmart Commuter Solutions team may be held virtually or in person on a case-by-case basis. To schedule a meeting please email info.pgcridesmartsolutions@co.pg.md.us, or call 301-883-5656. We look forward to assisting with your commuter questions and program needs!

Maryland Commuter Tax Credit Expansion starting July 1 2022
Going back to the office? RideSmart is on your commute team! Free commuter and employer programs
RideSmart provides free employer assistance to establish or expand commuter benefits programs

RideSmart Commuter Solutions works with employers to develop commuter benefits programs that help employees improve their commutes. Implementing commuter benefits programs has many advantages. Employers that implement alternative transportation programs:

  • recognize improvement in morale and productivity,
  • reduction in absenteeism,
  • reduction in parking costs,
  • financial benefits through tax reduction and the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit, and
  • enhanced staff recruitment and retention.

Commute programs will also improve air quality and traffic congestion in and around Prince George’s County. 

Establish and Expand Your Commuter Benefits Program

Our RideSmart team can provide your organization with more information about commuting options, attend your events virtually or in person to promote commuting programs and incentives, and customize a commute program to meet the specific needs of for your business. Our support is always FREE! Contact us today by calling at (301) 883-5656 or email our team at info.pgcridesmartsolutions@co.pg.md.us and check out our website at ridesmartsolutions.com.

Maryland Commuter Tax Credit

Employers who contribute to their employees’ commuting costs are rewarded with federal and state tax deductions, state tax credits and reductions on certain payroll taxes. The Maryland Commuter Tax Credit program allows all businesses operating in Maryland, including non-profits, to claim a 50% tax credit against the cost of providing commuter benefits to its employees, up to $100 per employee per month. The Tax Credit currently applies to transit, vanpooling, employer-provided Guaranteed Ride Home, and Parking Cash-Out, but on July 1, 2022, it will also apply to carpooling, bicycling, walking, teleworking, and multi-modal options. For more information on qualifying programs and how to claim the tax credit, check out the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit.

The 2022 federal tax limits are $280/month for transit and vanpool, and $280/month for qualified commuter-related parking

SmartBenefits for Transit, Vanpool, and Transit-related Parking

SmartBenefits is an IRS compliant, web-based program that lets employers assign the dollar value of employees’ monthly commuting benefit directly to reusable, rechargeable plastic SmarTrip cards. Employees can use the uploaded funds for rail, bus, and vanpool travel, and transit-related parking throughout the metropolitan region. It can be offered as a direct employee benefit, a pre-tax deduction, or a combination of both. Visit the SmartBenefits website to learn more.

Carpool and Vanpool Ridematching

Ridesharing is great way to reduce the number of cars on the road and in your business parking lot. The free Commuter Connections Ridematching service enables commuters to find other individuals who share similar commute routes and work hours with the possibility of starting or joining a carpool or vanpool. Want to start a vanpool program for your employees? Refer to the MD Commuter Choice Vanpool Toolkit for ideas. The RideSmart team can even host on-site ridematching events!

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a free service providing commuters who regularly vanpool, carpool, bike, walk, or take transit with a reliable ride home when one of life’s unexpected emergencies arise. Commuters can use GRH for unexpected personal emergencies and unscheduled overtime up to six times a year. Best of all, the ride home free! Knowing that there is a guaranteed ride home allows you to use commuting options like transit and carpools with peace of mind and confidence. Commuters must be registered in advance of an emergency to receive GRH benefits - register here.

Alternative Work Schedule

The most common time-management option for employers are variable work hours (also called flextime) and compressed work week schedules. Flextime programs, in which employees are given the option of adjusting their arrival and departure times, are proven ways to reduce congestion at peak travel times. Compressed work schedules (such as four, 10 hours-a-day work week) can eliminate one day a week of commuting for many employees.


Telecommuting makes staying home the easiest way to go to work. Options include working from home or satellite work centers, also known as telecenters, which are equipped with multiple workstations and office support. Millions of people go to work simply by picking up their phones or turning on their computers - saving themselves and their companies millions of dollars. Need guidance on establishing a telework program? Check out this guide from MD Commuter Choice.

Encouraging Healthy Commuting Options

Building a robust commuter benefits program includes supporting employees who walk, run, or bike for part or all of the commute. Here are a range of ideas to consider:

  • Become a Capital Bikeshare Corporate Member and provide a subsidized membership to your employees.
  • Install lockers and shower facilities to support employees who walk, run or bike to work.
  • Install bike parking racks, lockers, and cages for secure, weather-proof bike parking.
  • Consider providing a benefit to employees who do not use another commuter benefit, like reimbursement for bike tune-ups or biking and walking gear. Starting July 1, 2022, you may be able to claim 50% of those monthly subsidies back through the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit!

Integrating active commuting options into your health and wellness plans can be an easy way to encourage healthy commuting. RideSmart Commuter Solutions can help you build your active commuting program.