Snow & Ice Control

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When a snow emergency is declared, the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) is responsible for providing “passable” conditions on a network of more than 1,900 miles of county-maintained roadways to ensure the safety of residents, citizens, and travelers.

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Route Clearing Priorities

Routes are prioritized for service by the following categories: primary, secondary, and residential. Primary and secondary roads are serviced first to ensure that public safety and other emergency vehicles can travel. After completion of these roads, residential roads receive service. Crews work as long as necessary to clear roadways, which consists of salting, sanding, and/or plowing, as warranted by weather conditions.

To assist crews, citizens and residents are requested to:

  • Move and keep vehicles off snow emergency routes
  • Park in driveways or other off-road locations wherever possible
  • Park only on the even-numbered sides of roads/streets

It also is important for single-family homeowners/renters and business proprietors to remember that they are responsible for the removal of snow/ice from the sidewalks abutting their homes or businesses.

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Reporting Road Concerns
During a snow and ice event, residents and citizens are asked to wait 48 hours, after the precipitation has stopped, to call 311 or 301-883-4748 to report emergencies or concerns about roadway conditions/snow removal.


Helpful Hints Pamphlet (Spanish)

PGCTrackSnow Infographic


  • This Snowplow Tracking website is designed to display County roadways treatment status during a winter snow and ice event.
  • Citizens can use the interactive map to track if the snowplows are in their area.
  • Click here to view the interactive map!
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Helpful Hints Pamphlet

  • County residents and business owners play an important role in helping snow crews provide effective snow removal.
  • Clickhereto view the pdf of the pamphlet!
Snow Hints Pamphlet Page 1

Helpful Hints Pamphlet

  • Los residentes y dueños de negocios del condado juegan un papel importante al ayudar a los equipos del limpieza de la nieve a remover la nieve de forma más eficaz.
  • Haga clic aquí para ver el pdf del folleto.