Spaying & Neutering

Each year, millions of unwanted and homeless animals are born in this country. Of those that end up in shelters, some will be adopted, but many will be "put to sleep" (euthanized). One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to have him spayed or neutered.

To apply for our free "Spay-a-Day" spay/neuter grant program please fill-out our application in English or Spanish

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Our Spay/Neuter grants are funded by the Maryland Department of Agriculture

Other Local Jurisdictions

For more information, call:
  • Human Society of Charles County (Waldorf)
    Phone: 301-645-8181
  • PAWS Spay and Neuter Taxi (Prince Frederick)
    Phone: 410-414-7291
  • PrinceGeorge's County SPCA/HS
    Phone: 301-262-5625, ext. 5 or ext. 6
  • Waldorf Well Pet Clinic (Waldorf)
    Phone: 301-885-0263
  • Washington Humane Society (D.C.)
    Phone: 202-608-1356