Capital Projects Construction

The Capital Projects Construction Section (CPCS) of the Stormwater Management Division facilitates the construction of all capital improvement projects. Most CPCS projects are anywhere from 2 to 6 months in duration. A few span multiple years. Most projects range in construction cost from $80,000 to $300,000. A few are $4 to $8 million.

Subsequent to the bidding of a construction project, the construction process involves 3 phases.

Pre-Construction Phase
Bids are solicited and evaluated for responsiveness and responsibility of bidder which would disqualify a contractor from performing the work. For contractors who have not recently performed related work for the Department of the Environment, references are checked regarding the contractor's background, experience, qualifications, and ability to complete the project in the specified time frame. The contract for construction is awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, and a notice to proceed is issued.

Construction Phase
This phase involves several processes:
  • Preconstruction Meetings: At the start of the construction phase, all primary partners in the project meet to discuss the details of the project including work schedule and completion date.
  • Progress Meetings: At specified intervals, the contractor provides CPCS with project updates and updated work schedules.
  • Contract Administration: Documents are generated throughout the construction phase including payments to the contractor and any consultants, project updates, and change orders that may be required during construction resulting from differing site conditions.
  • Project Status Updates: CPCS provides internal tracking of each step of the construction progress.
  • Inspection: This important quality assurance inspection occurs daily during the construction phase until the project is completed.
  • Substantial Completion: Once the contractor has completed all important components of the project work called for, an inspection is performed to verify and generate a punch-list of items that remain to be completed and approved prior to final acceptance of project.
Post-Construction Phase
Once construction is completed and the final inspection has occurred, CPCS ends its management of the project with the following close-out actions:
  • Project Document Close-Out: The as-built document, which is the blueprint of the project in its completed form, is printed and a copy archived. All financial records are balanced and finalized.
  • Hand Over of the Project to Owner: Usually CPCS manages a construction project that will ultimately be owned, operated, and maintained by the Department of Public Works and Transportation. CPCS provides the owner with all of the necessary documentation.
  • 1-Year Warranty: At the time the project is determined to be substantially complete, a 1-year warranty period begins. Any defects in construction or materials are the responsibility of the contractor to address. A 2nd walk-through is performed before the end of the 1-year warranty period and repairs are made by the contractor if necessary.