County SWPPP Inspection

The County’s SWPPP Inspection Program is designed to assist county owned industrial facilities in meeting the mandates of the Maryland Department of Environment’s (MDE) permit entitled the “NPDES General Discharge Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity.” Through technical and inspection assistance, the County SWPPP Inspection Program supports county owned industrial property in reducing their environmental impact.

All holders of the NPDES “Industrial Permit” are required to develop and implement SWPPPs. DoE compiles SWPPP implementation progress reports annually to send to MDE.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

A SWPPP is a site specific descriptive document based on sound engineering practices that present the industrial risks which could contaminate stormwater, in addition to the State’s approved best management practices to reduce risks. A SWPPP is a plan that provides each industrial facility with the behavioral and structural guidelines necessary to reduce contaminants from entering the storm drains, conveyances, local streams and rivers.

County Owned Facilities Included in the Program

There are 10 county owned facilities included in the program:
  • Abandon Vehicle Impound Lot
  • Brown Station Road Landfill
  • Department of Public Works and Transportation’s Brandywine Facility
  • Department of Public Works and Transportation’s Glendale Facility
  • Department of Public Works and Transportation’s Ritchie Service Facility
  • Materials Recycling Facility
  • Missouri Avenue Convenience Center
  • Park Central Vehicle Maintenance Facility
  • Sandy Hill Creative Disposal Project
  • Western Branch Composting Facility
Each facility maintains their current SWPPP on site and copies are held at DoE and MDE. Regulatory information is found on MDE's website.