Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19, all Comprehensive Community Cleanups scheduled for 2020 are canceled until further notice. 

The Department of the Environment (DoE) Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program is designed to revitalize, enhance and help maintain unincorporated areas of the County. During the spring and fall seasons, DoE works with organized civic and homeowners associations to provide a concentrated focus of County cleanup and maintenance services to a community over a two-week period.  

If your community is scheduled for a cleanup, you will receive a flyer from your civic or homeowner association or there will be information in your local newsletter. The spring schedule is as follows:

Spring 2020 Community Cleanup Schedule

Community Date
Princess Gardens/Hickory Hill (formally Greenwood Hills) 02/18/20 - 02/27/20*
South Potomac (Phase 1) 02/24/20 - 03/05/20
South Potomac (Phase 2) 03/02/20 - 03/12/20
Windbrook 03/09/20 - 03/19/20
Roblee 03/16/20 - 03/26/20
Lynnalan Acres 03/23/20 - 04/-02/20
Templeton Knolls 03/30/20 - 04/09/20
Boulevard Hgts./Bradbury Hgts. (Phase 1) 04/06/20 - 04/16/20 
Boulevard Hgts./Bradbury Hgts. (Phase 2) & Hutchinson Commons  04/13/20 - 04/23/20 
Palmer Park (Phase 1) Kenmoor  04/20/20 - 04/30/20 
Palmer Park (Phase 2)  04/27/20 - 05/07/20
Carole Highlands  05/04/20 -
Hillandale/Knollwood  05/11/20 - 05/21/20 
West Laurel (Phase 1)  05/18/20 -
West Laurel (Phase 2) 05/26/20 -
Radiant Valley 06/01/20 -

 *Holiday Schedule

Cleanup Services

The services that will be performed by DoE, Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) during your 2-week scheduled cleanup are as follows:

Services Schedule Department
Tagging of Abandoned Vehicles Monday - Week 1 DoE
Tagging and Removal of Abandoned Vehicles Anytime After 48 Hours DoE
Bulky Trash Collection Tuesday - Week 2 DoE
Storm Drain Water Quality Testing Wednesday - Week 2 DoE
Housing Code/Zoning Ordinance Violation Survey Thursday - Week 2 DPIE
Roadside Litter Collection During the 2-Week Period DPW&T
Tree Trimming Survey During the 2-Week Period DPW&T
Storm Drainage Maintenance During the 2-Week Period DPW&T

The Comprehensive Community Cleanup Fact Sheet provides additional details about the program. For more information, contact your civic or homeowners association, email Program Manager Alfred Titus-Glover, or call 301-883-7164.