Resource Recovery Division

A division of the Department of the Environment (DoE), the mission of the Resource Recovery Division is to manage the collection, recycling, reduction and disposal of municipal solid waste in an efficient, cost-effective and safe manner, while complying with all Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.

The Resource Recovery Division works to improve our environment by providing recycling and the effective management of trash, yard waste, household hazardous waste and bulky materials. The county is fulfilling its goals of protecting our natural resources while promoting a better quality of life for our community by ensuring cleaner water and air quality.

Holiday Cardboard

Holiday Lights Recycling Program

Holiday Lights (2)

DoE is pleased to offer residents a place to recycle old Christmas lights. Residents may take old lights to the Brown Station Road Landfill, Household Hazardous Waste Acceptance Site, located at 11611 Whitehouse Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. Lights may be dropped off throughout the months of December and January, during regular business hours, Thursday thru Saturday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, excluding holidays.

The lights are shredded into tiny bits and the bits are sorted into various components that make up the lights such as copper, glass, and PVC.  The individual components are then recycled. 


Curbside Bulky Trash Update


IMPORTANT: Please, do not set bulky trash out at the curb until either the night before your scheduled appointment date or by 6 a.m. the morning of your appointment date.

IMPORTANTE: Por favor, no coloque basura voluminosa en la acera hasta la noche anterior a la fecha de su cita programada o hasta las 6 a.m. de la mañana de la fecha de su cita.


Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill Update


The Department of the Environment (DoE) will continue to provide trash, recycling, and yard trim collection services on schedule.

Curbside Collection

Residents must place containers curbside by 6 a.m. on the day of collection. Collections begin as early as 6 a.m. and continue until 8 p.m.


**All trash must be tied and bagged securely.**

Latex paint is NOT hazardous and should NOT be delivered to the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) site. Learn how to dispose of properly by clicking here. 


** Plastic bags are NOT accepted. Place recyclables loose and un-bagged in your recycling cart or bin. **

The County provides single-stream recycling, which means items should be placed in the same container, without the need to sort or separate.

Overflow of recyclables can be placed on any receptacle or cardboard box marked with an X or the word “Recycling." Cardboard boxes will be collected with contents.


Residents who have County-provided collections should continue to place their yard trim at the curb by 6 a.m. on Mondays for regular collections. 

Residents who do not have curbside collection, may drop-off yard trim at the County’s Convenience Drop-off Centers during regular hours of operation, free of charge.

Convenience Centers

Residents who do not have County-provided curbside collection should use the Residential Convenience Drop-Off Centers for disposal of regular household bagged trash and un-bagged recyclables. 

Bulky Trash

Curbside bulky trash collections have resumed. Appointments may be scheduled by visiting or by contacting 311.

**Bulky items should be placed at the curb no earlier than the night before your scheduled appointment date or by 6 a.m. the morning of your appointment date.** 

Organics Composting Facility

Open to residential and commercial/business customers.

Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill

Open to residential and commercial/business customers.

Household Hazardous Waste(HHW) & Electronic Recycling Acceptance Sites

Acceptance sites open.


Recycling During the COVID-19 Pandemic


inclement weather updates

In the event of inclement weather, residents are advised that bulky trash, trash, recycling, and yard trim/waste collections may be delayed or suspended due to road or weather-related conditions.

DoE inclement weather policies
If severe weather conditions delay services for one (1) day, those collections will occur after the following days regularly scheduled collections. For example, if weather prevents collection on your regularly scheduled Tuesday, then it will be collected after Wednesday’s regular collections.

If a regular Friday collection is suspended, that collection will occur on Saturday.
If severe weather conditions delay services for two (2) consecutive days, collection will resume the following week on your regular day.

For example, if weather prevents collection for Tuesday AND Wednesday collections, both Tuesday and Wednesday collections will be collected the following week.

Missed yard trim collections on Mondays will be picked up the following Monday.

Residents scheduled with bulky trash appointments will be contacted and rescheduled within seven (7) days.

In all cases, residents are reminded to adhere to their current HOA or civic association rules and regulations regarding trash and recycling placed in public areas.

The County will make every effort to post any information regarding delayed or suspended collections on the County’s website at, or DoE’s website at, or you may contact 3-1-1

Remember that all collections can occur anytime from 6 AM to 8 PM.


Earth Day Everyday 2020


What do I do with my old curbside trash toter?

With the delivery of the new trash toters, residents may be wondering what to do with their old, unwanted residential trash cans. Here is how to recycle or dispose of them.
  • Repurpose your old trash can by using it as a yard trim can or extra recycling can (mark with an "X" or word "Recycling")
  • Deliver (bring) your old can to one of the two convenience centers for the Prince George's County Public Schools to repurpose and/or for the County to recycle as rigid plastics or scrap metal. The convenience centers are Brown Station Road Public container Pad and Recycling Area and Missouri Avenue Solid Waste Acceptance and Recycling Center.
  • Set the can upside down on your trash collection day and the trash hauler will collect the old trash can which will be disposed of as trash.
  • For more information, contact CountyClick 3-1-1.