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Office of Central Services - Clean Energy Grant COVID -19 Notice – 4/3/20

To protect the health and well-being of residents and contractors, the Office of Central Services, Sustainable Energy is requiring all contractors to suspend audits, energy efficiency work and any other related activities during COVID-19 restrictions and Stay-At-Home Order issued on March 30, 2020.

Prequalifications: We will not prequalify any clean energy grants until restrictions are lifted. This applies to our solar PV grant as well. Applications received between March 18, 2020 and April 3, 2020 will be reviewed and placed in pending mode, but approval to perform work will not be provided until restrictions are lifted. Please note our decision is in alignment with the utilities’ Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) program most recent notice provided below on March 31, 2020.

For pre-qualifications already issued through March 20, 2020, the deadline for work and invoicing will be extended according to when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Please do not start any work until restrictions are lifted. 

Invoices: We will continue to process compliant invoices (e.g. meeting permit, inspections, grant requirements) for projects completed prior to March 18, 2020, but we ask for your patience as we expect delays due to COVID-19 response actions.

Please visit Prince George’s County website to learn more about the County’s COVID-19 response at

OCS Sustainable Energy can be reached at and at the numbers below.

Erica Bannerman, Manager, Sustainable Energy – 240-412-4352

Franklin Bourdeau (primary contact for Clean Energy grant) -301-523-5641

Sulaiman Almaroof (primary contact for commercial grant) 240-427-6851

From: Schott, Ben
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 3:38 PM
Subject: HPwES Program Updates - New Deadline 4/3

Notice to all BGE, Pepco, and Delmarva Power HPwES Program Contractors:

In response to Gov. Hogan’s Stay-At-Home Order, the HPwES Program is calling for all contractors to suspend in-person customer visits. This means no audits, no installs, and no test-outs at this time.

Any audits or jobs that have already been done need to get submitted to the Program by Friday, April 3rd.


Performed up to 3/17– get them submitted by Friday, 4/3.

No audits should be performed after 3/17.


Reservations submitted up to 3/17 have been approved and extended to 6/30 (June 30th). Do not start any work until restrictions are lifted.

Reservations submitted after 3/17 will go into a Pending status, and will be processed for approval once the program re-opens.

What if I have a rebate reservation that’s about to expire? Don’t worry. Email your account manager and ask for an extension.


Any projects that have already been completed and have an approved reservation need to be submitted by Friday 4/3. Do not start new work until restrictions are lifted.

Does this affect my customer’s rebate amount? No, we are not changing the incentive rates or eligibility criteria. Projects can be completed once the program re-opens.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the account manager at 804-228-4715.



The Office of Central Services, Sustainable Energy objective is to provide reliable and environmentally sound energy solutions that  enhance the quality of life of Prince George’s County residents’ while concomitantly maximizing energy savings. The program coordinates the County’s efforts to reduce the 3 Cs of Energy: CONSUMPTION, COST, and CARBON EMISSIONS.


  • Reduce County-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) or carbon emissions by 80% below 2008 levels by 2050;
  • Meet 20% of County government buildings electricity demand with distributed, renewable energy generation by 2022;
  • Help grant recipients achieve at least 10% energy savings for energy efficiency projects and 10% energy savings for solar projects;
  • Help grant recipients reduce energy consumption by 20% or greater for office buildings and multifamily dwellings.   

The County government has set forth actionable strategies in order to lead by example and help facilitate broad residents participation in becoming more energy conscious and efficient throughout the community. The following themes have emerged that inform selection of strategies and measures. 

·   Build on Existing Efforts

The County has already put in place a number of initiatives, programs, and policies that support efficiency and climate protection goals. The guiding laws, policies and plans seek to bring those existing County efforts together under one framework, suggest improvements or augmentations, and add new efforts where gaps exist.

·   Alignment with County Goals and Priorities

The County has a responsibility to deliver high quality core services in a way that encourages economic development, creates jobs, and generally improves the quality of life for County residents.

·   Engage the Community 

The development of far reaching solutions necessary to achieve significant GHG reductions will require coordinated and broad participation of residents, businesses, municipal governments and the other institutions that make-up Prince George’s County. This calls for significant outreach and communication efforts and the establishment of public/private partnerships to help build resilient communities.

·   Build Capacity in the Energy Sector

The program seeks to exemplify the nexus between energy, economic development, and job creation initiatives in the County. Staff work closely with the business community including diverse suppliers and county-based businesses to build an advance energy economy.


Smart Energy Communities Policy & Action Plan
The Smart Energy Communities Policy and Petroleum Reduction and Renewable Energy Action Plan declare the County's intent to take a leadership role in reducing transportation petroleum consumption and increasing renewable energy generation by partnering with the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and enrolling as a Smart Energy Community. 

Climate Change 
Sustainable Energy works closely with our regional partner, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments on various initiatives such as the development of the regional and county-wide GHG emissions inventory. Prince George's County surpassed the regional 2012 goal, demonstrating that GHG reductions are possible even as the population and economy grows. As of April 2018, despite experiencing an 8% growth in population, GHG emissions reduced from 11.3 MMTCO2e (million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) in 2005 to 9.9 MMTCO2e in 2015, representing an overall decrease of 12% within Prince George's County. Click to read more of the latest GHG factsheet.

Plan Prince George's 2035 - Energy Infrastructure Chapter
Plan Prince George's 2035 builds on the County's General Plan to help guide future growth, development, and public investments in the County. It establishes policies and strategies to encourage investment in energy infrastructure, renewable energy, and the use of smart grid technologies and promote the efficient use of energy resources. 

Clean Renewable Energy Technology in Public Buildings
This law requires the incorporation of clean renewable energy technology (e.g. solar PV or thermal, wind, and geothermal) in construction of new County government buildings or in major renovations of government buildings. This legislation makes Prince George's County the first jurisdiction in the State of Maryland to require clean energy systems in newly constructed government buildings and major renovations of government buildings. Transforming County Government - Learn more about energy management in government operations. 

Transforming Our Communities, One Kilowatt at a Time 
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