Stormwater Management Division

The mission of the Department of the Environment is to protect and enhance the natural and built environments of Prince George's County by enforcing Federal, State and County laws to create a healthy, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for all residents and businesses of the County. The Stormwater Management Division is responsible for implementing the Clean Water Act Fee and Rain Check Rebates Program.  How PGC satisfied regulatory stormwater management requirements using a community-based public-private partnership. 
Clean Water Program (PDF)
Clean Water Program
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T. Howard Duckett Community Center
Stream Restoration Project Announcement

DoE is pleased to announce the upcoming water quality restoration at the WSSC Rocky Gorge Reservoir: “T. Howard Duckett Community Center Stream Restoration Project,” located in West Laurel, just east of the T. Howard Duckett Community Center. 

The project will treat the runoff from the adjacent roadways and ballfields that becomes concentrated causing significant erosion and the formation of an entrenched channel into the Rocky Gorge Reservoir. As water quality is of critical importance, especially for drinking water reservoirs, this project will help in treating the runoff into the reservoir by reducing sediments into the reservoir by 322 tons per year and restoring 56.7 of impervious acres towards the County’s NPDES Permit. DoE will commence the construction phase in Fall 2023 and anticipates completing construction operations by February 2024. Landscaping will be completed in Spring 2024.

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