Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel


The mission of the Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel is to:

  • Ensure that the report and recommendations of the investigating unit are reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances
  • Strengthen the partnership between citizens and the Prince George's County police by assuring the public that investigations of alleged excessive force, abusive language and/or harassment are complete, thorough, and impartial

We seek to improve the climate of community/police relationships through the fair and timely resolution of individual complaints.


  • Issues reports to the Chief Administrative Officer
  • Makes an Annual Report to the Public
  • Makes recommendations to the Chief of Police
  • Reviews each Internal Affairs Division investigation for thoroughness and impartiality
  • Reviews reported complaints of excessive force, abusive language, and/or harassment

Quick Facts

  • 7-member citizen panel
  • Created by County Legislation CB-25-1990

Complaint Process

  1. Complete an official Complaint Against Police Practices Form No. 1072 (PDF) or prepare a written account of your complaint. The 1072 form is in all public libraries, the Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel Office and all County Police Stations.
  2. Submit your complaint to the Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel or any County Police Station by mail or in person. You can also send complaints by email to the Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel.
  3. Reports should be filed as soon as possible. Complaints alleging excessive force must be notarized and filed within 90 days of the incident.

Annual Reports

The 2018 Annual Report will be posted online no later than July 30, 2019.

CCOP now does quarterly reporting. The report for 1st Quarter 2019 will be posted by July 15th and subsequent quarterly reports will be posted no more than 45 business days after the close of the quarter.

Visit our archive center  to see a list of prior annual reports for the Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel. CD-ROM and a limited number of hard copies of the most recent annual report are available upon request. Please contact the CCOP by phone at 301-883-5042 or by email