Alteration With Use & Occupancy

Application Requirements

Building Permit applications are completed online. Please go to the ePermits Online Portal and enter the information directly into the County’s Permitting System. To use our online (ePlan) permit review process, please select the ePlan Requested by the Applicant option BEFORE you submit your online application.


The following are required when applying for a Commercial Alteration with Use and Occupancy Permit:

  • Property Tax ID Number
  • Original, signed lease agreement between owner and tenant, or a letter of authorization from owner on the owner's letterhead indicating the property address, owner's name (according to SDAT), tenant's name, tenant's business name and the type (use) of business that the owner is authorizing to use the space.
  • The letter of authorization has to be signed and dated by the owner.
  • If the owner of the property is a business entity, i.e., LLC, the owner must include the entity's name, and the letter must be signed by the authorized member of the entity. Articles of Organization or Incorporation may be required for verification of ownership. The tenant's and the owner's business must be registered and In Good Standing with the State of Maryland.

Plan Review Requirements (Walk-Thru Permit Process)

  • Site/Plot Plans — Original Signature and Sealed
  • Structural Drawings — Original Signature and Sealed
  • Electrical Drawings — Original Signature and Sealed
  • Mechanical Drawings — Original Signature and Sealed
  • Architectural Drawings — Original Signature and Sealed