Electrical Permits


The new Momentum permitting system is live.  However, you will use the legacy ePermits online system for the following only:

  1. Cell Tower Permits
  2. Special Utility Permits
  3. Department of Environment Permits
  4. Electrical or Mechanical Permits that are associated with an existing permit in ePermits 
  5. For revisions to applications/permit prior to 5/1/23, you must utilize the existing revision process found here

For all other permits you must use Momentum by applying here.

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TRADE MANUALS — Step-by-Step Instructions with Visuals

Electrical Permits Videos

View the below videos on YouTube for assistance in completing your application.                 

Notice - Change in Electrical Licenses
Master Electricians are required to apply for electrical permits via the DPIE Online Electrical Process. Electrical Orientation Training is no longer required. The Master Electrician must follow the steps below in order to register and obtain access to the DPIE Online Electrical Process.

Once you submit your information, please allow up to 2 business days for verification of your registration information before access to the DPIE online electrical permit process is granted.
  1. First, complete the "Online Permit Application - Electronic Signature Acknowledgment Form"
  2. Next, register and/or create your user profile
  3. Finally, send an e-mail to DPIE at: onlineelectricalpermits@co.pg.md.us
The e-mail information should contain the following information:
  • Company Name
  • E-mail Address (used as the login when setting up the profile)
  • Completed Electronic Signature form
  • Scanned copy of the Master Electrician's current State of Maryland License
  • Scanned, color copy of the Master Electrician's Driver's License

Electrical revisions can only be processed by a DPIE staff member. All Electricians requesting revisions must speak with a DPIE staff member by calling 301-636-2050 and selecting option 5. Do not forward revision requests to the “online electrical permits" email.

Please contact a DPIE staff member with your questions and/or concerns at 301-636-2050 option 5.

Access the Online Electrical Permit Application.
Electrical, Part 1 - Introduction to Online Electrical Training
Electrical, Part 2 - Registration for Online Electrical Permit
Electrical, Part 3 - How to Complete an Online Electrical Permit Application

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