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DPIE Department Directory

Division Phone Number
Building Plan Review Division 301-636-2070
Enforcement Division 301-636-2090
Inspections Division 301-636-2080
Permitting and Licensing Division 301-636-2050
Site/Road Plan Review Division 301-636-2060

DPIE Inspections Division Automated Numbers

Office Phone Number
Automated Inspection Request Information System (AIRIS) 301-755-9000
Building and Site/Utility Inspection Inquiries 301-883-3820
Use and Occupancy Inspections 301-755-9000

Environmental Health Group

Office Phone Number
Permits Liaison 301-883-5885
Plan Review/Institution Program 301-883-7650
Water Quality and Septic Systems 301-883-7681

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Maryland Home Improvement Commission

Office Phone Number
Automatic Scheduling Section 301-206-8383
Code Enforcement 301-206-8525
Plumbing Inspections 301-206-4004
Service Applications and Records (Permits Section) 301-206-4003

Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission (MNCPPC) Co-located*

 Office  Phone Number
 Permits Section, Upper Marlboro  301-952-3208 or 3195
 Environmental Planning Section, Largo*  301-636-2060
 Environmental Planning Section, Upper Marlboro  301-952-3612
 Development Review Division, Upper Marlboro  301-952-3749

External Agencies

 Agency  Phone Number
 Board of Appeals  301-952-3220
 Department of Assessments and Taxation  301-952-2500
 Land Records  301-780-2253
 Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC)  410-230-6309
 Miss Utility  800-257-7777
 Process Transformation Team (PT2)  301-952-3782
Maryland Attorney General's Home Building Registration Unit  877-259-4525


Prince George's Soil Conservation District  Co-located*
 Office  Phone Number
 PGSCD, Upper Marlboro  301-574-5162, ext. 3
 PGSCD, Largo*  301-883-3265