Plumbing Work by Contractors

Generally, permits are not required for the replacement of existing plumbing fixtures, except for water heaters and testable backflow devices.

The following plumbing work may require a permit:
  • Water, drainage and vent piping above grade that will not be concealed
  • First time installation of plumbing fixtures on new or existing rough-ins
  • Installation of non-testable double check valve backflow devices
  • Gasfitting
  • Installation or replacement of water heaters
  • Installation of water piping and meter rack associated with WSSC meter settings
  • Replacement or repair of water or sewer services
  • Any other work not specifically allowed by WSSC regulations
Questions regarding plumbing work should be referred to the WSSC Service Applications and Records Section at 301-206-4003.

For applicable forms, visit the Forms and Checklists page.