Level Up

***Coming Soon*** 
Stay tuned for the launch of the County’s new Employee Wellness Program!
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Employee Wellness Program

Level Up is the Prince George’s County Government Employee Wellness Program. The program is designed to elevate your total wellbeing in the following dimensions:

  1. Prevention—Increase awareness of receiving annual exams, screenings, routine visits, etc.
  2. Physical Activity—Physical challenges, walking clubs, discounted gym memberships, etc. 
  3. Healthy Eating—Nutrition programs and educational seminars 
  4. Behavioral Health—Awareness and support of mental health concerns 
  5. Financial Wellness—Financial wellness, investments, and retirement education

Wellness Champions

You have a partner in your agency. Wellness Champions have been identified in each agency. These employees have volunteered to contribute to the overall well-being of their colleagues by planning, promoting and arranging various wellness initiatives and communicating activities and announcements from Level Up.

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